Advertising & Media Kit

By advertising on ChronoWatches, you can reach your future customers today - targeted and effectively. We offer a luxury-oriented and affluent customer base.

Large Scope:

More than 220,000 people visit ChronoWatches every day, amassing over 140 million page views per month (as of January 2019).

Exclusive Target Group:

The typical ChronoWatches user a well-educated man with disposable income. He's interested in luxury items, brand name clothing, and of course, high-quality watches.

Worldwide Marketing:

When you advertise with ChronoWatches, you reach watch enthusiasts from all over the world. Our customers come from over 90 countries and speak numerous different languages. Whether in Europe, America, or Asia, with Chrono1, you'll directly reach your target market.

Geotargeting & Brand Targeting:

Do you only want to advertise to visitors in your language or in selected countries? Do your customers love a certain brand of luxury watches the most? We'll only display your ad where the target group will see it.

All Major Forms of Advertising:

Web banner advertising: medium rectangle, leaderboard, and skyscraper.
Other advertising forms available upon request: roadblock, billboard, wallpaper, advertorial, newsletter, and social media campaign.
Of course, we will also gladly make a customized advertising campaign for you.


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