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Where do I find my watch's reference number?

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Where do I find my watch's reference number?

On the dial

In the watch's papers

On the case back

On the lugs

FAQs - Any questions?

How much is my watch worth?

It's not always easy to determine the price of an older watch. Of course, there are some brands and models that are generally more expensive than others, i.e., Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet or Rolex. But the true value of your watch also depends on other factors:

  • Does it have elaborate complications such as a chronograph or perpetual calendar?
  • Are all the components and strap original?
  • Is the watch a special edition or part of a limited run?
  • Is the watch a coveted vintage model like the Universal Genève Polerouter or the Tag Heuer Autavia, for example?

The more questions you answered "yes" to, the better chance you have of selling your watch at a high price.

Why is it so important to have the right sales price?

In short, the more realistic your sales price, the faster you'll sell your watch. An over-the-top price can put off potential buyers. However, if the price reflects market value, you'll have many interested buyers. Of course, you shouldn't undervalue your watch either.

We compare your watch with more than 400,000 offers around the world and give you an estimated market value so you can easily find the right sales price without having specialized knowledge.

How does the free appraisal work?

We recommend using the reference number of your watch during the appraisal process. That way we can clearly identify your watch. The reference number is typically found on the dial, case back, clasp, or in the papers. However, you can also enter the brand and model name and select your watch.

We'll then display the current market price of your watch based on the offers featured on ChronoWatches.

The service is free and doesn't require a user account on ChronoWatches.

The service is free and doesn't require a user account on ChronoWatches.

In order to determine the value of your watch, we compare it to more than 400,000 current offers on ChronoWatches. If there aren't enough current offers relevant to your watch, we'll include similar watches that have already been sold.

Using this data, we calculate the average offer price of watches similar to yours on ChronoWatches. Please note that this doesn't indicate a guaranteed sales price.

What factors influence the sales price?

Completeness: You can charge more than the average price if your watch comes with the original box and papers. Learn more about full sets.

Condition: If your watch is pre-owned, but doesn't have any scratches or other notable signs of wear, you can likely get a higher sales price.

How else can I determine the value of my watch?

You are welcome to manually search through offers on ChronoWatches and analyze the prices. You can likewise visit a jewellery store or auction house to have your watch formally appraised.

Please note that you often get a higher sales price selling online. Prices given by local auction houses and jewelers are usually lower as they have to take a margin into account when buying timepieces.